101 Broke Motions

Broke Motion #4: Conforming to Circumstance

This is a bad spot for any broke investor. Sitting in a hole of conformity just to squeak by is a bad sign of low self worth. With all conformity comes great responsibility! That’s, keeping up with your confined circumstances.

Imagine, you are sitting at a job where management may or may not have your best intentions in mind. With that said, they keep offloading the rest of the agents, while you get to work more and more for the same amount of money, and more importantly, the same amount of time!

One way to walk away from this broke motion is to find a way to earn $1,000/day. What positions do you know where something like that is possible, legally?

It might be in one of the three main branches of finance or it might be in real estate and wholesaling properties. Whichever business path you decide to go with, make sure you know your worth.

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