Broke Tip: #49

If I was to say one day I will build a giant skyscraper and rent out the offices inside, does that make me a commercial real estate mogul?

Of course not, however, this broke tip is not meant to prevent someone from stating their ambitions. It’s meant to push people to actually go out and build their dream business, along with their reputation.

My biggest weakness is actually marketing/promoting/public spot light on what I have to offer. Taking the time to actually build something is not so much an issue for me. My thing is I’m always saying, “Well, I’ll learn how to market my product/service when I get a chance” or “The product visibility will pick up, I just know it.” or my favorite “I don’t need to put myself out there.”

Fingers being crossed will stay crossed until, you guessed it, you uncross them.

Let’s take the time and work on our weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

As always, 
Keep Growing, Keep Investing.
The Broke Investor

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