Withdrawals are good, right?

Only if you do it right. Question is, are you? Open your bank account(s) and view the last 30 days history. Hmm… What does it say? Interesting. How did you get there? I know how I did. Get your checklist and your road map, we are about to find the goldmine.

P.S. Don’t look at your 7 days history, it might awake you.

The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their minds by altering their attitudes of mind. We become what we think about.

William James

Financial independence is The Broke Investor’s Dream. The thing is, we have to strive for our accomplishments and reach towards our goals. What better chance to prove to your own self that things don’t just happen to you, they happen because of you. Time to grab the bull by the horns.


Luckily, in the South, we don’t need a Rodeo to wear boots. We are strapped and ready to go. Let me tell you the journey that takes place each day for The Broke Investor. Let’s think in terms of time for a second. It takes, on average, 1.25 – 1.75 hrs for me to get to work and 1.00 – 1.50 hrs to get home, covering 100 miles/day.

BROKE TIP: Midnight traffic is very light compared to morning traffic.

The amount of time it takes to drive to work and back home takes a minimum of 2.25 hrs/day. Now, you might not think that’s too bad, however, I’m not a truck driver, remember. One of the hardest challenges working for one of the top 3 hosting providers in the U.S. is the simple fact that after 1 year, I will have spent anywhere between 15.19 – 21.94 EXTRA 40-hr workweeks on the road.

No extra pay, no extra time. Fortunately, today, you will drive past MORE OPPORTUNITY than you can CREATE IN A LIFETIME. The key is to be able to capture the opportunities when you pass them by. Have you given thought and consideration on things that leave an impression on you when you’re driving? I know I have.

Please know the broke investor’s journey is NOT a PART-TIME GIG.

Every broke investor needs to suit up and take care of business.

On top of that, the broke investor will go out and continue to go after growing and investing in oneself. Now back to the Broke Investor’s account habits. There is a phrase that has gone around, maybe you’ve heard it. Don’t spend more than you make. Well, as with any abstinence of things that brings someone great pleasures, you tend to relapse.

Here come the excuses 🙂

Early November usually sets off the chain of celebrations for birthdays, holidays, gatherings, etc. This year was no different. Problem comes when you set a budget for yourself and know that you have certain portions going to certain places. One little bump to your budget can cause your own personal market to dip tremendously, if not corrected.

After spending the first $100 on a great afternoon for in-law’s birthday, the next day felt like a great time to eat out again. A couple days after, the gyro from this great Mediterranean restaurant was calling me and later that day a couple of ice creams to go with it.

Mind you, this is the same broke investor that is also suppose to be on a well thought out diet with an exercise regime that is supposed to turn this 30% body fat into 15% body fat which is equivalent to needing to lose 25 lbs of fat.

Remember, we become what we think about.

As always,

Keep growing, keep investing. Even if you are the broke investor.

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